This being our last day of the trip I wanted to finish it off with one last visit to the most magical park, Magic Kingdom. We woke up early again this morning and the plan was to eat a quick breakfast in the room and go to the park. Instead, we decided we wanted to eat one last time at Kona Cafe. I called dining and was able to get a reservation for 8:00 AM. We showered and got dressed and walked over to the restaurant. We did have a little incident before leaving the room with my eldest son popping his brother's balloon. Luckily there is an outer balloon and an inner balloon. We just removed the popped outer balloon and the problem was solved. Because my youngest was still very emotional we let him carry the balloon to the restaurant again (he would have sleept with it if we had let him, LOL)

At the restaurant, we ended up ordering almost the same plates as the day before: Tonga Toast, pineapple macadamia nut pancakes, and Mickey pancakes for the kids. The food once more was delicious and the service was great. 

Another visit at Kona Cafe
Thank goodness for the inner ballon 
Tonga Toast again
Mickey pancakes for the kids
After breakfast we walked back to our room  but instead of taking the most direct route to our room, we decided to take the path along the beach to take in some of the views.  The Polynesian is such a beautiful resort, especially early in the morning when all is quiet and there is no crowds. 

The beach
Grand Floridian in the background
The kids enjoying the swing

Once we got to our room, I remade the bed into a couch so that we could take advantage of the space fully when we got back from the park later that day. The view from our balcony this morning was especially beautiful.

Remade couch

The view from our room
The temperatures were quickly rising, so I decided to change into something a little less heavy. I had brought a dress from home that I didn't have a chance to wear yet. It's Minnie inspired: a black and white polka-dot dress. I finished preparing our bag for the park and we then proceeded once more to the main lobby to catch the monorail over to Magic Kingdom.

Me and my boys on the monorail.

We arrived at right after opening. Magic Kindom is so inviting with its beautiful train station and manicured front lawn greeting its guests. My favourite part of Magic Kingdom is the music, the smells and the excitement on Main Street as you enter the Magic Kingdom. There were already large crowds funnelling into the park, so we just followed them down MainStreet. Lucily, we arrived just on time to see the Citizens of Main Street and even got a picture with the Fire Chief.

Fire Chief of Maine Street
Mommy with her boys
My son playing photographer
After our mini photoshoot, we headed straight for Tomorrowland Speedway. This is one ride you have to ride early if you want to avoid long lines. Personally, I despise this attraction and put up with it solely because of the excitement my boys show for it. I just don't see what they love about it so much but I am guessing it's the novelty of riding a car at that age. I just find this ride takes up so much real estate in Magic Kingdom, the waits are ridiculously long, and the ride itself is slow, stinky and boring. That is just my two cents and, hopefully, Disney will replace it one day by something more futuristic such as the Tron Roller Coaster found in Shanghai.

Behind the wheel for once
Ready to ride
It was  now time for our first Fast Pass of the day: "Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid". We walked over to Fantasyland  and got in line for the ride. The exterior of this attraction is so very well done with a beautiful waterfall and small little hidden details that are fun to look out for while your waiting. The attraction is obviously geared for younger crowds but the slow moving boat ride is very charming and entertaining nonetheless.

It was time for a snack so we decided to make our way to Gaston's Tavern. I love the theming in this quick-serve location. Its basically a replica of Gaston's Tavern in Disney's animated "Beauty and The Beast". The decoration are so well done  and it's a fun place to hang out when you want to get out of the sun for a little bit. We each ordered a "Le Fou's Brew" which is basically frozen apple juice topped with marshmallow foam. Its pretty refreshing albeit being a little sweet.

Our next Fastpass for The Seven Dwarves Train was up. I am so happy I was able to get a Fast Pass for this ride a second time as this ended up being our favourite ride of the whole trip. The roller coaster is very simple but the animatronics, music and theming is what always blows me away.

My husband didn't feel like taking off his hat...silly man!

We were getting hungry for lunch by now and so we made our way toward Liberty Square where we had an ADR at Liberty Tavern. We passed through Fantasyland and the boys made an attempt to pull out Excaliber (the sword) from stone in front of the carrousel with no avail. Then we did a last stop to see Rapunzel's tower from Tangled.

We checked in with the hostess at Liberty Tree Tavern and we were told to wait until our name was called out. Fifteen minutes later they seated us and we again were told to wait for the chef to come out to speak to us about our allergies. Finally the menu was all safe for consumption so we ordered promptly.

I usually get the colony salad but I felt like being naughty and ended up ordering fish & chips instead. My husband got the veggie burger and the kids both got mac and cheese from the kids menu. My fish and chips were very good and my husband loved his veggie burger. The kids said that their mac and cheese was good but after tasting it I found the pasta to be overcooked. For dessert we shared the ooey gooey toffee cake. Wow that stuff is good. I am truly addicted. I wish I could go to Disney everyday to order one of those. The kids each had their nut free Mickey Sundaes that came with their meal. Everyone left very satisfied.

Mmmm, mac and cheese

Fish and Chips

After our delicious lunch we had a Fast Pass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad but when we arrived at the FP line, they told us the ride was shut down. So we asked the kids what they wanted to do instead and they both agreed that they wanted to see the Country Bear Jamboree. We had seen the show a few days ago and the boys found it to be so entertaining they wanted to see it once more before we left. So off we went to watch a band of silly bears sing and dance.

After this we headed back to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to see if they had opened up the ride again but unfortunately it was still closed. So we hopped onto the train from the Frontier railroad station and went  over to Story Book Circus. There we did the meet and Greet with Goofy and Donald and headed into to the Big Top Souvenir to shop for hats.

Donald The Magician

Goofy the Daredevil

Found a pair of minnie ears to match my dress
After our shopping spree we were getting pretty tired so we decided to rest while we let the kids run around in the Circus splash area. They had a blast and were completely soaked after just a few minutes.

Running around the splash area
Since the kids' clothes were soaked we decided to head on back to the resort for a while to enjoy some time by the pool instead. We grabbed the monorail and headed to tour rooms to change. It was really hot by then and the pool was a welcome sight.  We swam and relaxed by the pool the rest of the afternoon and finally decided to go back to the room to shower before dinner.

Playing around with my youngest

So refreshing

Fun times sliding down Volcano!
We had a quick dinner at Captain Cooks and then decided to grabs drinks on the outside terrace at Trader's Sam's . The kids wanted Dole Whips so my husband went to get them some at the Pineapple Lanai while I ordered the drinks. I had the Fuzzy Pineapple. Basically, its Dole Whip topped with Spiced Rum...soooo yummy! I can't remember what my husband ordered, but I am guessing it was the Mojito. He regretted his choice once he tasted mine and  ordered a fuzzy pineapple as his second drink. It was pretty chilly that evening but they had lovely patio heaters that were generating a nice heat. There was performer singing and playing a ukelele. It was really a very pleasant experience.

Sitting on the terrace with waterfall in background

The Patio at Trader's Sam

It was time to make our way back to Magic Kingdom. We wanted to see the Electrical parade and we had Fast Passes for private viewing of the fireworks. It was such a wonderful evening that we decided to take the boat instead of the monorail. We walked down to the boat dock and boarded a small little motor boat . It was the best idea because the views from the water were spectacular. The kids enjoyed the boat ride as much as any ride at Disney.

 It so special to see Magic Kingdom at Night. It is just so pretty with all the sparkling lights and the lite up castle. The kids wanted to ride the Haunted Mansion, but on the way there, my youngest realized he needed a potty stop so we hopped over to Fantasyland to use the "Rapunzel" themed bathrooms. I love this rest area taken right out of the movie "tangled" with its lovely glowing lanterns. The bathrooms itself are themed and are worth a stop by. It was now time for the Haunted Mansion. Nothing beats a spooky ride after dark.

Lanterns in "Tangled" bathroom area

Next we scouted a good spot to watch the electrical parade. Liberty square has always been my favourite viewing area for parades so the family settled in and waited while I went to fetch coffee, chocolate milk for the kids and a cinnamon funnel cake at  Sleepy Hollow. The cashier was obviously new and was unexperienced so the line getting longer and longer and it was taking an eternity to get served. People were getting frustrated and  there were even a few rude people who decided they did not want to wait so they cut the line.The couple in front of me protested but nothing was done and they managed to get served before all of us. It was ridiculous. I felt like I was in grade school again.
Anyway, I was able to get my order after a half hour and get back in place 20 min before the parade.

I cannot tell you that I love The Electrical Parade. Yes, the floats are quite impressive all lite up but the music that plays along seems to grate on me. It is the most annoying little riff and is somehow strangely addictive. But hey, the kids like so that is good enough for me.

After the parade we made our way through the thick crowds to the private viewing spot for the fireworks. We had Fast Passes for Wishes and they designated the Central Plaza in front of Crystal Palace as the new viewing spot. They scanned our bans and we found a comfortable spot on the grass to watch the fireworks from.  The fireworks were great as usual. I love secretly watching my kids' faces as they watch the fireworks. Their faces light up and they just look so excited. It is truly magical.

The night ended with one last ride on the monorail back to our resort. The trip was over and we were flying home the next day. Parting is always such sweet sorrow. This was again such a great adventure filled with wonderful memories that my kids and I will never forget. It was one of our best trips and it  was not going to be our last.

Hope you enjoyed my trip report and I hope you have your own magical trip someday!

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