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Shanghai Disneyland in a far far away land

I thought some of you might find it interesting to hear about my latest trip to China where I had the chance to visit the Shanghai Disneyland Park with Mom.

I am lucky enough to travel to China twice a year for work. As an added bonus, I work with Mom so I always have a travel companion. Now that Air Canada has introduced direct flights to Shanghai, we are often passing through Shanghai to get to the Canton Fair in Guangzhou.

This year, it turned out that we were flying in a day before my boss so it gave us the opportunity to visit Shanghai Disneyland. I had wanted to see the Park since its opening a couple of years ago but never found the time on our previous trips.

My boss flied in two days after us so we had almost a full day to visit. The only problem was that we needed to meet one of our suppliers before we left Shanghai. Luckily, he agreed to come to our hotel so that we could still have time to go to the park earlier in the day.

We obviously chose to stay onsite at The Shangh…

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