I'm back people! I finally have found enough time to finish this trip report.
So where was I? Oh yes, another early morning in our new room. I don't know why but the room just felt more spacious, especially with the two windows.

We had a quick breakfast of Cheerios and milk and headed to Hollywood Studios for a second time. Today we wanted to sign up the kids early for the Jedi Training Program. As we entered the park we made a beeline for the sign up station. We were able to nab a 3:00 return time for the Jedi training experience. We then made our way to Toy Story for our first FP of the day.

Quick breakfast in the room

Toy Story, one of my boys favourite rides

Ready to go!

After this we did a little shopping for a new pair of sunglasses as the ones I had brought from home had broke. We had time to kill until our next Fast Pass. I finally settled on the pink ones with little Mickey's on the side.

Our next Fast Pass was for Star Tours and the boys were more than excited to see the new add ons. They added some pretty cool scenes from "The Last Jedi" into the original reel. This ride is just more and more fun every time we experience it.

We ended riding Star Tours twice so we got to see an alternate storyline. It was really fun. We again had a little time to kill until our next Fast Pass so we diced to get a little snack to hold us off until lunch. My eldest really wanted another churro so we found a cart near the Great Movie ride. I love that these churros are nut free!

Happy kid with his nut free churro!
Our next FP was for Hollywood Tower of Terror. Even though I took the Fastpass for all four of us I was not convinced I wanted to ride this attraction again. As we approached the "Hotel" i could hear the screams emitting from the Tower and was starting to chicken out. I am not a huge fan of intense rides and this one is one of the more unpleasant rides for me. I hate that sensation of being dropped and the last time I rode HTT, I promised myself I would not do it again. My boys kept working me and I ended up at the elevator about to board when I decided "Nope, not doing this!" and that was it. I watched them board and called over a CM to show me the way out. I just didn't want to risk behind sick all day for this one ride. I was led to the room before you exit of the ride where the screens that post the on ride pictures are. As I waited, I was joined by a few other people who are obviously just as chicken as I. After the ride the kids came out and raved about how cool the ride was and that I missed the best experience ever! Still happy I decided not to do it.

Spooky looking isn't it?

Love the abandoned lobby

We were all getting hungry and it was time for our ADR at Sci-Fi Dine Inn. This is one of my boys favourite restaurants as they love the fact that they can eat in a car while watching old "B movies".  I love the old 1950's drive in theming with the fake night sky. However it is really dark in there and a little hard to see what your eating. We all opted for burger and fries. The food was really tasty and the kids really like their nut free mickey sundaes.

The kids enjoying the short movie reel.

Sitting in the "drive-in car"

We had some time after lunch before the Beauty and the Beast stage show. In the 6 years we visited WDW, we have never seen the show and I had decided that this time I was not missing it. "Beauty and the Beast" is my favourite Disney Princess movie so everyone agreed to follow along to make me happy.  Since the show was only starting in 30 minutes, we headed over to the Toy Story section and decided to meet Mickey in his Fantasia getup.  The wait wasn't very long and even though the kids complained a bit during the wait, they were happy once they met him.

Excited to meet Mickey 
The Boys with the Mouse!

It was now time for Beauty and The Beast. We found seats easily and the show quickly began. I have to say that the stage show was very entertaining. I fought all the performers were excellent and even the boys enjoyed it. I highly recommend it for anyone debating seeing this.

It was now time for the boys Jedi Training. We were told to line up in front of 50's Prime Time Cafe. They sorted the kids by height and handed out robes to each child. The photo pass photographer was already there taking pics. Then a jedi apprentice came to get the kids and walked them over to the stage area right behind the Star Tours attraction. The kids were placed on two levels were the Jedi Master was giving instructions on how to use the force and how to use light sabres properly. Then the show began. The kids were able to use the force and they got to fight with Darth Vader and the Seventh Sister from Star Wars Rebels. The kids really enjoyed this experience. For big Star Wars fans like ourselves, this was the highlight of our trip.

The one and only Darth Vader!

Kylo Ren

The Jedi Master

My eldest son fighting the Sixth Sister
The confidence of a Jedi
Using the Force

So after a this fun-filled experience, we headed to Star Wars Launch Bay for more Star Wars fun! Star Wars Launch Bay is filled with tons of  replicas and models from the movies and the TV shows. It is like a mini museum for the avid Star Wars fan.

Racing Pod

Cool helmets

Cool Lightsabers

Darth Maul's lightsaber
Plus there is a meet and greet with Chewy and with Kylo Ren. Of course my boys wanted to meet both so we had to line up twice for each meet and greet. The wait was not so bad: 20 min. for each character. I have to say I have a huge crush on Chewy now. He was so sweet with my boys. Talk about a life size teddy bear! Don't tell him I said that ;)
The kids loved Chewy
Part of the Millennium Falcon crew now.
That Chewy, so tall and handsome.

KyLo Wren was a different story. He was downright scary. When Kylo Wren walked in, they were happy to see him but soon changed their tune. The kids were intimidated by him, LOL. In all fairness, he is really intimidating!

At first smiles from the excitement
Now not so sure! LOL
When we finished out meet and greets we explored the rest of Launch Bay. So many cool things to see. I think we were in there for another hour with the kids soaking it all up.

It was now time to go stake out placed for the evening fireworks. This was the first showing of the Star Wars themed fireworks and at that time there was no projection or lazer show that accompanied the fireworks. We found a place right in front of the Chinese Theater and sat until the show started. What was fun about this firework show is that everyone was sitting on the ground during the show so everyone had a clear view. It was so much more enjoyable than trying to look over someones shoulder the whole time. I wish people would do the same everywhere. Unfortunetly now it has changed back to everyone standing in a narrow confine to enjoy the Star Wars projection. too Bad. The fireworks followed the Star Wars music perfectly and it ended up being one of my favourite firework shows of all time.

It was a perfect ending to a perfect day. Tomorrow we were moving resorts so we spent our last night in our corner room.

Up Next Day 7: Magic Kingdom and check in at Disney's Polynesian Resort


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