We decided to sleep in this morning as we were on a more relaxed schedule today. Since we were moving resorts we decided to do a half day at Magic Kingdom. We had a quick breakfast and then started to pack up our bags for the move. Once everything was ready we called bell services to get our luggage transferred from our current resort to the Polynesian Resort. Wohoo!

The bell boy quickly came over, counted our pieces of luggage and gave us a ticket that we needed to reclaim our luggage once at the Polynesian resort. Disney makes it real easy to change resort with their internal luggage transferring system. It was our first time doing a split stay sat WDW and  I would do it again in the future.

We then headed to the front desk to check out and we were sent on our merry way. We arrived at Magic Kingdom around 11:00 AM just in time for our Fast Pass for Splash Mountain.  On our way there we stopped for the classic WDW pose in Liberty Square. Since I got soaked on day 2 of my trip, this time I was prepared with a poncho and a ball cap to keep as much water away from my body as possible. My kids kept laughing at me but I ended up nice and dry after the ride so no regrets.

Yup Thats me in the front row with the poncho and ball cap.
All the rest of those suckers got wet...LOL
I cannot for the life of me remember what we did next but I do remember we ended up eating lunch at at Colombia Harbour House. I always order their Lighthouse sandwich but I think I tried their lobster roll instead. It was ok but nothing to rave about. I prefer my lighthouse sandwich.

After lunch we found a good spot to watch the afternoon parade which I had not seen in a long time. It was a new parade called Festival Of Fantasy. I really enjoyed it with my favourite part being the Giant mechanical dragon from Sleeping Beauty as it breathes fires. Sooooo cool!

Fire Breathing dragon!
Inside the dragon is Sleeping Beauty's pinwheel.
 After the parade my son spotted a merchant selling Disney balloons. He was so excited I could hardly say no so we got him a big red Mickey balloon. He was so happy, it was adorable. To this day, he still talks about that balloon.

We were hot and tired so decided to call it quits for today since we still needed to check into our new resort. We grabbed the monorail and headed over to the Polynesian.

The view from the monorail
Once we arrived we went down to check in and each got a colourful lei and a warm welcome. Right away, the Polynesian puts you in the mood for a nice cocktail with its colour lobby and soothing Polynesian music playing in the background. Everyone was excited to be here.

We actually got to stay at the Polynesian by renting through a DVC member. So we were going to get to try out the new Studios. Were assigned a room in Moorea but I asked if they could move us as close to the Great Ceremonial House as possible. I really like being close to the the main building so that I can have quick access to my coffee in the morning and not bee too far from transportation. We ended up getting  room 3935 in Tokelau, top floor close to the elevator with a full balcony. The view was great and the location ended up being perfect. I was really happy with the room overall.

Making our way to our room

Our studio suite

Our View from the balcony

The studios are quite spacious and the two bathroom areas make getting ready in the morning really convenient. My favourite part of the studio is the walk in shower. It is so amazing compared to the regular bathtub showers found in the standard rooms.

We unpacked and while the kids watched some tv until it was time for our ADR at Ohana'. I was so glad that I was able to nab a reservation for this restaurant for our first night here since its so difficult to even find a reservation to begin with. We walked over to the great Ceremonial House and checked in with the hostess. We then sat in the bar area and waited for our table. We were seated within 30 min. with the waiter announcing that he would call out the chef to check on us for our allergies.

The chef came out, help me determine what was safe to eat but suggested I avoid the chicken skewers. He offered to make me a separate dish  of chicken if I wanted. There was plenty to eat  other than the chicken so I declined his generous offer. Our meal was really enjoyable and the food plentiful and delicious.  I especially love that Lapu Lapu drinks served in those pineapples.

Sharing a Lapu Lapu

So much food

Beautiful decor

Tiki God
After supper we were so full we ended up walking around the property to burn off some of those calories. The Polynesian has to be one of the prettiest resorts at night. The kids enjoyed seeing all the lit up tiki torches and the glistening lights on the lagoon.

We ended up watching the fireworks from the beach with the kids and then headed to our room for the night. It was really a wonderful evening and we couldn't wait to experience more of the resort.

Up Next day 8: Pool day and Epcot

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