What you really need to bring to a WDW park for kids

I decided to add a list of things you really need at the park for kids since my previous list was more geared towards adults. Kids need a few more things than an adult because they are more likely to get dirty.  Now I did not add a kids backpack since I find that the kids get annoyed carrying the extra weight and the parent is the one that ends up with the bag the rest of the day. I suggest instead to add all these items to your own backpack along the the previous list from my last post.

1. SUN PROTECTION: I personally find that the spray-on sunscreen is easier to apply especially when dealing with fidgety kids. I usually get one that is formulated for kids so is tear free and is water resistant so that it last longer and does not come off with perspiration. I use a sunscreen stick for the kids' faces instead of a cream as it easier to apply and the kids seem to complain less since it goes on dry.

2. WATER BOTTLE: As I mentioned before, I highly recommend bringing your own water bottle as there are fountains everywhere around the park. That goes for the kids too. They each have their own so no fighting. I personally recommend one that come with a water filtration system like the "Bobble" or "Brita" since I find the water in Florida not to be very good tasting although the kiddos don't seem to mind so much.

3. ZIPLOC BAGS: I always carry a couple of gallon sized ziplock bags incase the kids soil their clothes or for wet clothes, bathing suits or rain ponchos. It also is great for waterproofing your valuables during water rides.

3. AUTOGRAPH BOOK AND SHARPIE PEN (optional): Ok, maybe this is not essential to a park visit but we have never gone to the parks without it. The kids love getting their autograph books signed and it makes a great, cheep souvenir.

4. MICROFIBER CAMPING TOWEL: I cannot tell you how many times this has come in handy at the parks. It is really thin and comes in a small pouch so it is lightweight and easy to carry. We use this fast drying towel on the kids after they run through the splash areas around the park or after a water ride to quickly dry them off. Then we snap it to the backpack and within a half hour it is dry. We also used this towel to dry off seats after a unexpected downpour. The towel also doubles as a blanket if the kids get cold during the parade and protects our bottoms if we decided to sit in the grassy area to watch the fireworks.

5  HAT: Any hat will do as long as it provides sun protection for your little ones. My boys prefer ball caps as they have less tendency to fly off during rides.

6. KIDS RAIN PONCHOS: I always carry a couple of cheap rain ponchos in my bag for each family member in case of unexpected showers. Make sure you get kid sized one for your child as the adult ones are made really big. You can get them at the dollar store or buy them in bulk on amazon.com.

7. CHANGE OF CLOTHES: Kids tend to spill stuff on themselves often or manage to find the only puddle in the whole park to run through,  so a change of clothes is always a good idea. In the summer months I always bring an extra t-shirt and a bathing suit for each kid as a change of clothes. The bathing suit doubles as shorts/underwear and can be used in the splash zones in the park. In the winter I replace the bathing suit by pants.

8. HAND SANITIZER AND BABY WIPES: I usually have a small pack of  baby wipes with me when out with the kids. I use the baby wipes to clean their sticky hands and dirty faces or if they spill something on their clothes. I will also use wipes to clean a dirty tabletop before eating. I only use sanitizer on their hands if we are far from soap and water since I always prefer a good hand washing to these gels.

9. KIDS MEDICATION: I always carry some chewable tablets of each Kids "Tylenol", "Advil", "Benedryl", and "Gravol" incase the kids start to feel ill at the park.  Even though WDW does have First Aid stations in every park,  I prefer having my own medication just in case

10. POLY-ON THE GO AND BANDAIDS: I usually pack a couple of band-aids for minor scrapes or unexpected blisters and bring the "Polysporin" because the kids think it takes away the boo-boo.

11. SNACKS: I recommend bringing the kids a few healthy snacks that are easily portable and non perishable. The kids seems to get hungry every thirty minutes and it keeps them busy while waiting for rides.

12. COLD WEATHER CLOTHING: I have only included a t-shirt and bathing suit to this list but depending on the time of year you are visiting you might need to bring a sweater for each family member in case of cooler temperatures in the evening or air conditioned rides. I sometimes carry a windbreaker as they are lightweight and easy to carry. If visiting during the winter months, I suggest you include a jacket, gloves, and a winter hat.


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