What I packed for my kid for a 10 day trip in March

Since you've seen what I am packing for my WDW trip, I figured you would like to see what I packed for my kids. Packing for the kids is a little different in that kids usually get dirty much quicker. In the past we used to do a laundry run half way through our trip, but like I said in my previous post, I don't want to have to do laundry on vacation so I end up bringing a few more pieces to avoid that.

 Since we are packing for a 10 day trip in March, I needed to pack clothes for my boys that were versatile for the changing temperatures at that time of year. Since morning and evenings are usually cooler and daytime temperatures are usually warm I decided to pack pieces that could be layered.  This is what I ended up bringing on this trip for my 9 year old boy:

I packed 5 short sleeve t-shirts and 2 long sleeve t-shirts that my boys will most probably end up wearing once during the trip. I also brought a dress shirt if we decide to go to a nice restaurant one evening. I tried to choose tops that were comfortable and in the same colour palette to go with all the other pieces that I was bringing.

I brought two sweatshirts in case one gets dirty and are great for those chilly evenings or air-conditioned rides.

I brought a raincoat /windbreaker for those rainy days in March. A raincoat is much more comfortable to wear to the parks compared to those plastic ponchos when the weather calls for rain all day. Plus it provides an extra layer on cooler evenings.

I packed 3 pairs of shorts for warmer temperatures and 3 longer pants for cooler temperatures.

Comfort is the most important thing when choosing your kids shoes. I always include a pair of "Keens" Sandals for my kids when we travel as they are super comfy sandal with a reinforced toe and dry quickly when wet. I also bring them two pairs of runners in case one pair gets wet.

I bring the boys each 2 swimsuits aso they can alternate if one is still wet. They often like to go swimming no matter what the temperature especially since the Disney pools are all heated. I also bring a rash guard as it protects them from the sun.

I find one PJ is enough for my oldest but I always carry 2 PJs for my youngest incase of a night time accident.

I like to bring a backpack for my older child as he is old enough to carry around his own stuff without complaining. He carries his sweater, his hat, his snacks and refillable water bottle, and his camera (he likes to take his own pictures). I do not however bring one for my 5 year old since my husband or I usually carry his stuff for him.

I always bring the kids a hat for sun protection. I try to choose one that matches all their outfits.

Sunglasses are great to keep the sun out of their eyes and look cool too.

Here are the combination of outfits I can make with the selected wardrobe. I have divided it into two categories showing you the warm weather outfits and the cool weather outfits I can make with the pieces I chose for maximum versatility.

As you can see I chose pieces for my son that are in the same colour palette and that are interchangeable. It gave him 9 outfits to wear if the temperatures where warmer and 9 outfits if the temperature are cooler. He ends up wearing each top once so that if it get dirty, I do not need to do a load a laundry. I have packed enough clothes to last him the whole trip but not too many that I have trouble fitting it all in a carry on. Like I said in my previous post, I usually pack my clothes with my oldest child's and my husband's clothes with my youngest child's. That way I end up with two medium suitcases that I can check in and not have to worry about. Disney's Magic Express picks them up for us and delivers them to our Resort room which means less hassle for me.

My 5 year old wardrobe looks very similar the only difference is that I pack an extra PJ and a couple more t-shirts just incase. If packing for a girl, it would maybe switch out one pair of shorts for a skirt, one sweatshirt for a cardigan and would bring a dress for a nice evening at the restaurant. I would also include a princess outfit because all little girls want to be a princess for a day at WDW when meeting their favourite princess, right. Unfortunately, my boys are really not interested in that, bummer;)

Happy packing!

Update: We got back from our trip and just wanted to mention that my kids used every single piece of clothing. T-shirts were the clothing item that got dirty the fastest so it was nice to have a clean one for everyday of the trip. I managed to to 10 days without one laundry run. Yay!


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